Fitness can be fun.
No seriously, we promise.

Which is why we’ve built one of the most adventurous, creative, inclusive gyms in the known universe. Our Gym Masters are trained and certified to help you get into shape quickly and safely - but more importantly, they can do it while arguing about Hamilton, Star Wars, or specifically: why Ravenclaw is the best house.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve trained for eons or if this is your first step into a gym, we're committed to seeing you level up, supporting you with a community that is mathematically more awesome than a supernova.


is it your time to get Nerdstrong?

Simply choose your path based on your experience. There is no wrong choice.

“Nerdstrong Gym is committed to the goal of ensuring that on a philosophical as well as on a physical level, nerds will live long and prosper.”
— Allyson Gronowitz, LA

I drive an hour (round trip) several times a week for the last five months, for Nerdstrong Gym, because Andrew and all of the fit nerds there keep me going! And that’s worth every minute of the effort, and every penny of the expense.
— Jin, LA