What kind of workout will I get at Nerdstrong?

A: Nerdstrong Gym workouts are a combination of bodyweight, cardio, barbell, kettlebell and varied intensity movements compiled into fun and collaborative workouts for people at all levels of fitness, with small classes and hands-on coaching. EVERYONE IS WELCOME! 

how many days a week should i attend nerdstrong classes?

A: Nerdstrong Gym is open for workouts every day of the week, but very few of our members go every day. Nerdstrong recommends that our heroes attend at least twice a week in the beginning. After that, your journey is yours to undertake. Some heroes attend everyday, but vary their intensity. Some keep to a strict schedule based on their livelihood and fitness level. Need help, ask a Gym Master (or coach) for help! We're always here.

Nerdstrong is specially designed to work for people at all levels of fitness.

hulks and hobbits are all welcome here! 

What makes this nerdy?


Our nerd/geek comes from the heart of the gym: its members. We are nerds. We are geeks. We love scifi, comics, math, science, cosplay, books, movies, TV, pop-culture, RPGs, computers, video games and board games. The atmosphere and workouts in the gym are geek and nerd-themed, and we create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

Why is it more expensive than a big chain Gym?

All of our group classes are led by a highly qualified Nerdstrong-certified Gym Masters. We only allow up to 14 heroes per class. That's personalized coaching! We care! WE GIVE A S**T! This isn't a big-box gym that leaves you alone in a giant room full of machines, hoping you'll pay the monthly fee but never really attend. This is a hands-on training facility, and our prices reflect that.

How do I begin?

1) Start here
2) Attend your first free class or DROP-IN.
3) Have questions? Ask me and I can help you start your fitness adventure.

is personal coaching available?

Yes! We have personal/private coaching available. Contact us to apply for private coaching today!

Do I have to sign a contract?



Still have questions?

Email me, Gym Master Andrew, and I'll answer your question as soon as galactically possible.