Q: What kind of workout will I get at Nerdstrong?

A: Nerdstrong Gym workouts are a combination of bodyweight, cardio, gymnastics and lifting excercises, compiled into fun and collaborative workouts for people at all levels of fitness, with small classes and hands-on coaching at all times.

Q: Do I have to go every day?

A: Like any fitness routine, you see better results as you put in better effort. Nerdstrong Gym is open for workouts every day of the week, but very few of our members go every day. Many go only once or twice per week. Once or twice is, of course, infinitely better than zero times (we nerds know that's just math), but you'll see better results if you come more often, whatever your goal.

Q: Is Nerdstrong for beginners?

A: Nerdstrong Gym is specially designed to work for people at all levels of fitness. A few of our members have been going to a gym for years, but most are beginners with wide variations in personal health and fitness. Our coaches carefully construct each exercise so that it scales from Padawan (relatively easy) to Jedi Master (extremely challenging), depending upon your individual fitness, and they work with each member personally to make certain she or he is getting the most of of the workout, regardless of fitness level. Additionally, because Nerdstrong Gym was created specifically for people who do not thrive in or are intimidated by the culture of many other gyms, it is an excellent place to start, even for those who are extremely out-of-shape.

Q: Seriously, what if I can't do the workout?

A: Seriously, our amazing team makes sure every workout scales to every Nerdstrong Gym member. You'll be able to do some form of the workout, and we will make sure you're always on a path to improvement.

Q: Okay, what if I'm experienced and very fit? Is Nerdstrong for me?

A: Nerdstrong Gym is for all of us. If you're up for a challenge, our workouts will put your through your paces. Everything is variable, either by reps, speed or weight/challenge, and we will prescribe the version of the workout that suits your skills and goals. While many of our members are gym novices, we've also many nerds who've spent significant time in Crossfit or traditional weight training, and they love the workouts. Bottom line: no matter what your fitness level and experience, Nerdstrong will challenge you and push you toward your fitness goals.

Q: What makes this nerdy?

A: Our nerdiness/geekiness comes from the heart of the gym: its members. We are nerds. We are geeks. We love scifi, comics, math, science, cosplay, books, movies, TV, pop-culture, RPGs, computers, video games, board games, and Dr. Richard Feynman (who would certainly have been a Nerdstronger and you cannot convince us otherwise). In our first year, we stopped a workout to watch the announcement of the new Doctor! The atmosphere and workouts in the gym are geek and nerd-themed, and we create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

Q: Why is it more expensive than a big chain Gym?

A: All of our classes are led by a highly qualified coach, and limited to a small number of participants. This isn't a big-box gym that leaves you alone in a giant room full of machines, hoping you'll pay the monthly fee but never really attend. This is a hands-on training facility, and our prices reflect that.

Q: How do I begin?

A: Our coaches like to meet with all new members in a FREE intro session to learn about your current level of fitness and get to know you and your goals. Once that's done, take a look at the schedule and come join us in class. The intro session is not required, but it is highly encouraged, so we can get to know each other.

Q: Will I get personal coaching?

A: If you want private coaching, that is available through special arrangement. Our group classes are limited to a maximum of 20 participants or fewer, so every member of every class gets significant attention from the coaches.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?

A: Nope. You can pay class-by-class or month to month (for unlimited classes), but there are no contracts to sign. We will require a standard waiver to be signed before anyone can begin training at Nerdstrong Gym. Click here to sign up and get started at Nerdstrong Gym!

Q: Why are so many people wearing nerdy t-shirts in the pictures?

A: Nerdstrong Gym. It says so right in the title. We are not messing around.


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