Give 50 Get 50


You love Nerdstrong - there’s proof on the Internet. You also love your friends! Sooooo… why not share Nerdstrong with them? From now until January 31st, 2019, when you refer first-time members sign up for the new Nerd90 plan, they’ll get $50 off their first month, and you’ll get $50 off your following month! Whaaaat?!

“This is the perfect gift for humans.”
- Coach Andrew


Step 1: Grab a Friend

Your referral (must be first time member) signs up for our new Nerd90 plan, they’ll get $50 towards their first bill!


Step 2: Get Loot

Following your referral’s signup, you’ll receive $50 off your next month’s bill on your current membership.


Step 3: Enjoy Fitness!

Now, you and your friend/family member/nemesis can enjoy Nerdstrong classes together. Awesomesauce.


I think this is what humans call a “win-win”.
- Coach Andrew

According to SCIENCE, spending time with friends and staying physically active are some of the most important components of a healthy mind and body.

Fine-ish print:

There’s no catch, we just want everyone to experience Nerdstrong, and together. This must be your friend’s first membership with Nerdstrong, and must sign up for our 3-Month Unlimited Nerdstrong membership. They’ll instantly receive their $50 credit with your referral (upon staff coach approval), and you’ll see the discount on your next month’s bill. Easy peasy special squeezy. Also, Coach Andrew is not an alien from another galaxy or dimension THAT WE HAVE PROOF OF….yet.