Unpack the Back (Single Class Ticket)

Unpack the Back (Single Class Ticket)


Taught by Nerdstrong’s Mobility Gym Master Corrin Pierce. Corrin is highly trained practitioner (garnering a host of certifications) and coach in Pilates, yoga, mobility and overall body awareness and health. Her intuitive style and thoughtfulness towards movement has helped her many clients (and Nerdstrong heroes) over the years become more productive and pain-free. Come learn from this gifted coach with this 2-hour event.

Here’s what Corrin will cover:

  • Learn the basic anatomy of the Spine/Core/Hips

  • Discover common Spinal problems + possible pain sources

  • Review the science of pain

  • Understand the environmental factors that can affect back pain

  • Complete a self-assessment to help find and mitigate back pain

  • Build strength through mobility work, stretches, and myofascial release

  • Work on recovery breathing positions and pain relief strategies that will help you get through tough workouts with less pain.

You’ll leave with a better understanding of back pain, and tools for assessing and improving any current back pain. The course is limited to 20 people so if you’re someone who’s dealing with, worried about, or wants to prevent back pain - get in on this right now!

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Ticket Details:

With this ticket you can attend the upcoming Unpack the Back Workshop.


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Event Details:

  • Please bring a yoga mat!

  • Wear clothes to move comfortably

  • Limited to 20 attendees

  • Located at Nerdstrong Gym, North Hollywood

  • Optional: bring Tune-Up Balls

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