Why is this so expensive?

Let's talk price: 
This has been a meddling issue in my mind: What do I charge for the gym? 

Is it long contracts or month-to-month? Is it affordable for everyone or just the customer niches that I target? So many questions and I have almost no answers, except one: I will do everything in my power to get you healthy and fit.

Is this valuable? 

That's the word I was looking for: value. What holds value is purely subjective. As a business, I have to apply an objective value to attract customers. As a customer, you have to apply a personal value onto the price you see. 

At $10/month, do you value that experience?
At $30 or $50/month?
What about $150? For me, that thing better have value that speaks to me. 

When I used to work as a barista ages ago, I worked at Starbucks in downtown Seattle, the emerging mecca of coffee consumption. I saw people come in one, two or three times a day for the same drink. What brought them back? The drink? No. It wasn't that. They could get that same drink anywhere if they hunted for it. What was it then? Consistency? Possibly. Starbucks made sure that every drink followed a recipe. The customer knew what to expect regardless of location. You walked in, you ordered a Grande Vanilla Latte, it pretty much tasted the same anywhere you went and was the same size. Convenience? Sure. Starbucks are everywhere. My theory is that it was based upon personalization. I memorized people's names and their drinks. I started to make them as they queued up in line. We chatted about our days. I asked what they were doing this weekend and they asked me in return. That's the experience they wanted and desired. That's what kept them coming back. 

As a customer, you have to apply a personal value onto the price you see. 

How does this apply to fitness? It's not tangible. I can't hold it and compare it to another's fitness. I can't sell it on ebay to see it's depreciation like a car. It's inherent to you, the customer, so the value is invisible to me, the gym owner. You'd have to sit me down and tell me the value. 

"I did this because I don't want to be tired and fat anymore." 

"I'm here because nothing else has worked."

"I'm here because I saw a friend of mine's experience and she's changed so much. I want that for me."

I'll never be able to know those things unless told. I'll never experience your value. I'll never know the changes that take place inside you because you're stronger, faster and healthier. I might never know this changed your life at all, and that's ok, because my goal is to create the environment for these things to happen. I'm here as a launching pad, for your next step, your next level in life. My goals are your goals.

Is that valuable?

My space is small. Really small. 950 sq ft. There are other gyms out there with gigantic spaces with 50 people a class and multiple coaches. You might be missed. You might feel like you're in a factory, just pressing out reps. Do your thing quickly because the next class is here waiting. Go! Go! Go!


Here, I can't do that. Here, you're one of 10 at the most. Here, I see everything you do and try to help with every step. I'll know you. Know how you move. Know your goals. Know what pushes you. Know what you're good and bad at. Know your injuries. Know your mobility. I'll change the programming for you at your level.

Is that valuable?

Nrdfit's goal isn't to make money...at least initially. You read that right. Tax-wise, it's smarter for us to push every dollar back into the gym for the next couple years. That means that I tried to come up with a number, with our existing customer-base that would pay all the bills and allow for us to acquire new services, equipment and properly maintain the existing equipment. That's it. As an owner, this gym isn't about me and my profit line, it's about you and getting you fit and keeping you fit.

Is that valuable?

I don't know what else I can do to explain why Nrdfit is the cost it is. It's more expensive than a gym that gives you a barcode and the only way they know you're name is because it showed up on the screen in front of them. It's more expensive than some specialized gyms that only do one thing. It's less expensive than Crossfit gyms that can go into almost $200 or $300/month. But it isn't about cost, is it?

It's about value and the real question is, "What's valuable to you?"