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Steve Zaragoza from Comic-Con HQ's popular show "Mostly Harmless" stops by for a superhero workout of epic proportions!

Steve Levels Up at Nerdstrong Gym | Mostly Harmless

Steve Zaragoza leveled up at Nerdstrong Gym and for the first time in our lives we might be inspired to exercise...

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Posted by Comic-Con HQ on Thursday, August 25, 2016

"Bottom line, I love it when people use their passion to create something they love and it’s clear that’s what the owners of Nerdstrong have done."

"Andrew Deutsch, the founder of Nerdstrong, had zero intention of ever starting his own gym. His workouts began at home, in his own garage. Andrew’s friend David soon joined him and then more of their friends joined them. David ran a Dungeons & Dragons game that Andrew played in, which inspired them to create themed workouts." 


Host, Nerd, and Nerdstrong Gym Coach - Blair Herter hangs out on this episode of Movie3Some.

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Not-at-all condescending “gym for nerds” opens in Los Angeles

"...a gym has opened in Los Angeles that caters exclusively to the “nerd” crowd. It’s called Nerdstrong..."

Nerd-centric gym makes workouts for hobbits and Thors alike

"There’s a North Hollywood gym hitting this workout problem head on and focusing specifically on a subset of culture that doesn’t get a lot of gym time: nerds."

Sept 2, 2015

Major Spoilers Podcast, August 2015: Superheroes are fit, and there’s no reason why we can’t find an approach for everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Nerdstrong Creator, Andrew Deutsch, Gets Fit the Geek Way

From Fandomania, 2015: "Not all, but a lot of nerds don’t grow up being picked first in gym class. It’s a stereotype TV and movies have placed heavily into our minds, but hey — it has some truth to it. Showcasing a nice height and a love for Michael Jordan thanks to Space Jam growing up, my dad thought I was destined for basketball greatness. Sadly, I could never get the hang of running and dribbling. To this day it’s a science that escapes me. I’d rather stay inside and read Goosebumps anyways. Many could relate to this — many like Andrew Deutsch."

North Hollywood gym encourages geeks to be Nerdstrong

"Forget bikini season. Members of Nerdstrong Gym hit the weights hard for con season.

“That’s when we get in shape to cosplay at conventions,” said gym owner Andrew Deutsch."