Nerdstrong Gym has partnerships with some amazing businesses whose job is to help you tap into the best version of you possible. FYI, Nerdstrong Gym does not facilitate these services in any way. You'll be making your appointments or booking services through their sites and talking with their representatives. 

Body Composition

Fit Fax is a group of scientists and fitness professionals working to help you take your health or athletic performance to the next level. Using a data-driven approach, we help you determine what you need to thrive. Go to their site.


  • Research-grade body composition testing (currently used at the Mayo Clinic, the Olympic Training Center, and the USC Clinical Exercise Research Center).
  • Wellness Engineering (Nutrition and Wellness Coaching)
  • Corporate wellness seminars and fitness challenges  

Food Delivery

Power Supply creates super tasty prepared meals, crafted locally from the really good stuff - responsibly sourced, all natural and super fresh ingredients in nutrient dense recipes that are delivered straight to Nerdstrong Gym twice-a-week. You get the diverse and interesting food styling from talented creators who share your values about knowing your food and can keep you excited about eating well, in a super convenient package.